P|V|M Studio arrives at a time when the collision between values, action, and our common fate is deeply evident. We launched P|V|M Studio in the midst of a global pandemic, when jobs, health, travel, and personal bonds are being challenged.

The need for demonstrable action on the climate, social inclusion, and fundamental re-thinking about economic relationships depends on our ability to think about, articulate, and act upon a shared sense of purpose and meaning, built upon common values.

At P|V|M Studio, we’re eager to dig into this work with people and institutions ready to re-align in a way that will make them proud to be part of the solution to our personal, local, and global challenges.

That's how to achieve personal fulfilment, forge deep familial bonds, and advance key organizational goals.

That's also how we can change the world.

What it’s like to work with us

As guides and navigators, P|V|M Studio works with individuals, families, family businesses, and foundations.

First, we help our clients explore, identify, and articulate their purpose, values, and sense of meaning. This is deeply personal, individualized, and reflective work, through which we guide our clients using a bespoke combination of coaching, conversation, and curated learning.

Next, we help our clients create the structures, behaviors, and processes that, on a practical level, enable them to pursue the meaningful goals they have identified. Depending on the customized plan we jointly establish, we may serve as coaches, consultants, advisors, educators, networkers, public speakers – in short, whatever roles are required to ensure our clients design an action plan that will empower them to reach their goals.

Doing our work requires that we engage all our skills and experience, including:

  • The ability to zoom in and out – to go from highest-level abstract values to the nuts-and-bolts of organizational design.
  • The skill to take abstract ideas and ideals, and to craft practical plans, structures, and processes in pursuit of them.
  • The integrity to ask probing and deeply personal questions, and the honesty to assess whether progress is being made.
  • The sensitivity, discretion, and wisdom to talk about fundamental values and dreams without imposing any sense of judgment. 
  • The confidence to believe that every person and institution can maximize and attain their inherent potential.

While the objectives, tools and techniques are customized for each client engagement, our basic P|V|M Design Model entails:

  • Deep inquiry to identify your unique sense of purpose, sets of values, and conception of meaning.
  • Powerful questions to help you make choices, prioritize, and live in alignment.
  • Progress assessment and accountability measures to ensure your goals are being achieved.
  • Ongoing learning, sharing and growth.
  • Celebrating wins as milestones are reached and new goals are defined.